We Help Financial Firms and Financial Advisors Grow

Whether it’s generating leads or keeping current clients engaged, we can help. We know how to grow which is why our newsletters have over 130,000 actively engaged subscribers. It’s also why we’ve been asked to work with the clients below.

Maintaining a Reputation with J.P. Morgan

Finding good financial writers is really hard. You need someone who understands industry vernacular and content marketing. This person needs to know what both the SEC and SEO stand for.

Quite frankly, many people who work in the finance industry, aren’t great writers (trust us, we know). They’re also not interested in the marketing space. Conversely, many people who work in the content marketing industry, aren’t great with financial concepts. They’re amazing writers, but they don’t know how to craft crisp, professional financial copy.

This is why companies like J.P. Morgan turn to The Street Sheet. As the world’s largest bank by assets, they needed a team that can do both. They needed a group of great writers that can help explain and untangle complex financial topics.

What is a stock split? What is a P/E ratio? Is it better for a couple to file taxes jointly or separately? These are all questions we’ve helped J.P. Morgan answer for their audience of millions.

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Engaging and Acquiring Millions With SoFi

How do you keep current customers engaged and generate new leads? That’s the question we set out to answer with SoFi. Ultimately it came down to creating high quality content on a daily basis across multiple products.

After working with SoFi to understand their existing and ideal customers, we helped build, launch, and scale, a content bundle for the publicly traded fintech company.

This content bundle is comprised of a newsletter, podcast, and Amazon Alexa skill that are delivered daily to millions of SoFi customers.

We started working with SoFi in February 2020. In 2020 SoFi’s membership grew by 875,000 members to 1.85 million. In 2021 SoFi added 1.61 million additional members, closing out the year with 3.46 million members.

This content bundle has aided SoFi’s growth, keeping current members engaged and attracting new customers.

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Content that helps you retain and grow your audience

Attracting a new customer can cost five times more than it does to retain an existing one.

Well-written, professional content can keep current customers engaged so your marketing funnel doesn’t turn into a sieve.

We help clients with content strategy and execution. This includes market and competitor research to determine the potential volume and opportunity in your industry. It also includes recommendations to improve on-page SEO, defining content hubs, creating a keyword-driven content calendar, and both long- and short-form content creation.

Although every case varies, a targeted strategy and subsequent content creation can lead to average monthly pageviews equaling 5-10% of the total target search volume after 12 months.

This means increases between 30,000–100,000 monthly pageviews. Don’t wait, schedule a call today.